Bylaws: NRCO rules.

Check Request Form: If you've incurred an expense that should be reimbursed by the NRCO, complete this form and submit to the NRCO Treasurer's box in the school's front office.

Request for Funds: (aka RFF) The NRCO has a budgeted amount for expenses that occur throughout the year that are not in the regular operating budget. These funds are typically requested by school staff. To make a request, complete this form.

Robert's Rules of Order Revised: The rules of procedure as mentioned in the NRCO Bylaws.


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NRCO Programs: Flyer explaining what the NRCO is, how it works, and provides a visual representative of some of the programs "touched" by the NRCO.


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501c3 Determination Letter: Legal letter identifying the NRCO as a non-profit organization

Communication Guidelines: Follow these guidelines to "get the word out" about your event through the school, our website, and Facebook


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